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Mystery Performance

Her hands were shaking

Her heartbeat started racing

“This is it.” She told herself.

“No more rehearsing,

It’s finally time to play it from my heart.”

She took a deep breath.

And confidently walked across the stage

To the classy concert grand piano.

The audience welcomed the pianist with outstanding clapping,

Which would only be outdone at the end of the performance.

Seating herself on the bench,

She gently laid her hands on her lap.

After a few mind calming, deep breaths,

She slowly moved her hands to the piano keys.

She closed her eyes for a brief second,

Then her fingers began the majestical piece.

She instantly lost herself in the music,

She no longer thought about the notes she was playing.

She embraced the mood of the piece and

The audience seemed breathless.

As she played the piece from her heart.

The pianist wrote this piece from her heart and

This was her first time performing it.

Many years of great pain and suffering

Were heard in the piece before the climax.

The audience could hear the climax coming as

The notes embraced the mood.

The mood was clearly changing and

The audience, so engaged with the music,

Began shedding tears that the music was calling for.

And then,

The piece shifted in mood to something more joyful and fulfilling.

Ah, the climax!

“It’s a bit of heaven!” One whispered and

Due to the silence on the audience,

It carried throughout the Cathedral.

“Yes, indeed it is.”

Seemed to be the unspoken response.

The pianist was giving herself to the piece.

She was fully alive in the beautiful notes that her fingers and heart had memorized.

The pianist continued triumphantly through the climax of her piece.

Her eyes still closed,

With tears slipping down her tender cheeks.

This deep emotion once again hushed the silent audience.

The radiance from her face was being played out through her fingers.

She had never felt so free and fulfilled.

Tears of joy kept slipping as the climax of the piece

Moved to the beautiful, yet moving ending.

Her performance was coming to an end,

But that did not stop her sense of awe and wonder in performing this piece,

This part of herself.

The pianist gracefully transitioned

From the mood of the climax,

To the melancholy and peaceful ending.

A transition that symbolized, life is not always roses,

Even through the thorns, one can still feel alive.

One can still feel love,

One can still breath hope,

One can still dream,

One can still fight for truth,

One can still find peace.

The reflective mood at the end of her performance,

Caught the audience off guard.

The pianist was being so real,

So in tune with what she was playing,

That the music was coming alive in their own hearts.


Of joy, pain, suffering, regret, guilt, and

Many more tears flowed throughout the duration of this performance.

As the pianist played the final chord,

She bowed her head.

The last seconds of the sounds fading away were priceless.

No one dared to breath as to destroy the precious moment for the audience or pianist.

She then stood and bowed;

The audience erupted with clapping and more tears.

The pianist walked off stage as the audience seemed to get lost in their clapping and tears.


She sighed behind the curtain.

“This is why I write and play music.

This is my taste of heaven on earth.

But the mystery still remains...

how the emotions in my heart can be conveyed to an entire audience through the strings of a piano.”

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