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In a world where joy and pain coexist...

Joy and laughter

Followed by pain and sadness.

Dreams are fulfilled for some,

While others struggle with heartbreak.

Families are reunited,

Yet we face the harsh reality of another separation.

Two hearts are joined by marriage,

While others fight to keep the first light of love burning.

A newborn baby awakens into this world,

As yet another is snuffed the chance of being held by their mother.

A young mom struggles with her relationships with kids and spouse,

While older women retreat because “their work is done.”

Silent tears are quickly wiped away during the benediction,

As the young teenager dreads facing the world ahead.

We watch each other from church pews,

Guessing, catching glimpses and phrases of “what’s going on with him/her?”

We avoid direct contact with those we differ with,

Meanwhile creating larger gaps that were never intended to be.

We silently wonder if we’re the only one that struggles with (blank),

Afraid to be vulnerable, afraid to ask for help.

We gasp at the terrible things other people did and do,

But find it hard to acknowledge our sinfulness, our failures.

We’re afraid of what other people might think

Yet people often think more of themselves than of you.

A new song composed and published,

While a beginner’s umpteenth rewritten piece is scrutinized by a trained eye.

A brilliant student aces the class,

While others plead with the instructors for mercy.

The new job position is finally filled,

Yet another has lost their job again.

“The pain that you’ve been feeling

Can’t compare to the joy that’s coming.” (Rom. 8:18)

“I will not cause pain without allowing

Something new to be born.” saith the Lord. (Is. 66:9)

And still, “I press on…

Because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” (Phil. 3:12)

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